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Flash Glucose Scanning (FGS) system - Patient Information Letter

You have been given an FGS system which continuously measures glucose concentration and replaces the need for routine finger prick tests. The Diabetes Team ask that you take responsibility for using the FGS system correctly.

By receiving an FGS system, you are expected to:

  • Attend appointments arranged by the Diabetes Team and GP or re-arrange them if you are unable to attend.
  • Attend the recommended FGS training to understand what the device is showing and what action(s) to take.
  • Attend or give due consideration to attending an appropriate diabetes education programme.
  • Perform no less than 4 scans per day, reducing the use of standard blood glucose testing strips, as advised by the Diabetes Team.
  • Wear the sensor at least 70% of the time.
  • Share blood glucose testing and flash glucose scanning information, and upload data regularly, as advised by the Diabetes Team.
  • Undertake appropriate actions relating to your diabetes management, as advised by the Diabetes Team.
  • Agree to your data being shared for audit purposes.
  • Agree to change to a lower cost blood glucose testing meter and strip where appropriate, as requested by the Diabetes Team.
  • Contact the manufacturer (Abbott Customer Careline, Tel: 0800 170 1177) for further supplies if the sensor is suspected to be defective or falls off before it is due to be changed. A maximum of 26 sensors will be provided over any 12-month period.

Sensors will continue to be provided if the above conditions are met and if:

  • Clear evidence of an initial and ongoing improvement in your diabetes self-management has been demonstrated.
  • The criteria for funding continue to be fulfilled.
  • For patients who are pregnant, sensors will be provided for a 12-month total treatment period (inclusive of post-delivery period) – unless any of the other criteria for funding is fulfilled
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November 2022
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The recommendation is based upon the evidence available at the time of publication. This recommendation will be reviewed upon request in the light of new evidence becoming available.
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1.0 Amended to at least 4 scans per day in line with policy, previously stated 8 scans per day.