Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by Private Provider
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Hemel Hempstead

20th June 2023

Re: ADHD shared care requests from private providers

Dear Doctor,


We are writing to you in your capacity as a consultant who undertakes private ADHD management.

We are sympathetic to the issues that the long waiting lists for ADHD diagnosis on the NHS are causing patients and their families. We are hoping that these problems will start to ease due to increased capacity in the service over the coming months.

A significant number of local GPs have raised concerns that patients who are seeking private care for ADHD are requesting to have their medications concurrently prescribed on the NHS.

GPs are advised only to take over prescribing of ADHD medications that require shared care once patients are fully assessed and taken on by an NHS service with a locally approved NHS shared care agreement in place. 

Patients seen privately should also obtain their ADHD medication that require shared care on a private basis.

Herts and West Essex ICB recommend that shared care agreements may only be formed between NHS doctors providing an NHS service.  This information has been communicated to our primary care colleagues.

Could we respectfully ask you to please communicate this position with patients that attend for ADHD management under your private service and ensure at the outset that they are willing to pay for all aspects of their private care, including prescriptions whilst their condition and treatment remains in the private system. This will help to set patient expectation and hopefully avoid the disappointment and upset that results from not being able to support ADHD prescribing in this scenario, which inevitably also puts a great deal of strain on the doctor-patient relationship and is very time-consuming to resolve.

With kind regards,


Herts and West Essex ICB


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