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Removal Of Abnormally Placed Hair and Hirsutism


Hair removal for patients with gender dysphoria is outside the scope of this policy and is covered in the local EBI policy: Cosmetic procedures for individuals with gender dysphoria.

Hair removal treatment for cosmetic reasons is considered a low priority treatment and will only be provided in exceptional clinical circumstances. 

Applications for funding for this procedure can be made to the Individual Funding Request (IFR) Team and should only be made where the patient demonstrates true clinical exceptionality.

As a minimum, the following would be expected prior to an IFR for laser hair depilation: 

- The hair is on the face, and 

- There is documented unsuccessful cosmetic management (Daily Shaving, Waxing and Bleaching) reported over a period of at least one year, and 

- There must be substantial excess hair growth which is suitable for laser hair removal, and 

- Photographic evidence is supplied, and 

- The patient has either: 

  • An underlying congenital abnormality leading to abnormally placed hair; or 
  • An endocrine condition leading to abnormally placed hair (this excludes polycystic ovarian syndrome- see below); or 
  • Excess/Abnormally placed hairs due to surgical reconstruction, or 
  • Patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 

In cases of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome patients must also: 

- Have been diagnosed in accordance with the Rotterdam criteria; and 

- BMI (Body Mass Index) must be between 18 and 25 

NB: Where funding is approved, only one course of treatment will be funded.