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Suspected Lunch Cancer Pathway
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Suspected Lung Cancer (ENHT)

Lung Cancer - Suspected

Use NICE guidance for 2WW criteria.  Check with each Trust's referral forms for specific referral criteria as these may vary. 

NB: If patient doesn't meet referral criteria for any tumour site, but GP has a gut feeling of malignancy or serious pathology and no other urgent pathway suitable then consider referring to Multi-disciplinary Diagnostic Centre (MDDC).

NB: If referring under 2WW please give patient 2WW Urgent Referral leaflet and What Happens Next? leaflet


The 2ww form is provided in the tab on the left and is available on Ardens.  These revisions also reflect how ENHT incorporates the National Optimal Lung Cancer Pathway.

Please note: you still need to complete and send a 2ww referral for all suspected lung and pleural cancers UNLESS: the chest x-ray is from ENHT AND the chest x-ray report states ‘CT requested as per national lung cancer optimal pathway’.

Please see the ‘Suspected Lung and Pleural Cancer referral pathway’ for an overview of key aspects of the referral pathway from primary care.  Please note this is not exhaustive, and clinical discretion is required to determine the optimal referral pathway for the patient.

Link to Pan London (PAH & RFH) 2WW Suspected cancer referral forms in S1 and EMIS format:

 For patient information leaflet see: