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Divarication of Recti

Divarication of Recti

The widening of the linea alba with lateralisation of the rectus abdominis muscles but with no underlying fascial defect. Can be congenital or traumatic, but generally occurs due to a weakening of abdominal muscles, most commonly during pregnancy or weight gain.

  • Cosmetic surgery is not routinely funded by the NHS. HWE ICB do, however, have policy criteria for some procedures.  If these criteria are not met, advise patient that they do not meet criteria and discharge.  If exceptional circumstances, submit an individual funding request (IFR). Please see policy/policies for full information.
  • If patient meets policy criteria for surgery, HWE ICB will approve funding requested at primary care level (NB - it is the responsibility of the GP - not the surgeon - to apply for funding). It should be made clear to the patient that the final decision to proceed with surgery will lie with the surgeon at secondary care, once the surgeon has seen the patient AND agreed that the patient meets the policy criteria.