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Diabetes - Structured Education for Type 2

Type 2 Diabetes Path To Remission Programme (T2DR)


What is the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme?

The NHS is delivering a two year programme which provides a low-calorie diet treatment for people who are overweight and living with type 2 diabetes. Patients will be offered total diet replacement products including soups and shakes, consisting of up to 900 calories a day for up to 12 weeks. During this time patients will be expected to replace all normal meals with these products. Alongside this, patients will receive support for 12 months including help to re-introduce food after the initial 12-week period.


The patient journey

This is a 12-month programme led by a team of Diabetes Specialist Dieticians and is split into 3 stages:



An initial assessment followed by a first appointment with a coach to explain the programme and set the patient’s personal goals. Patients are offered choice of Face to Face or digital option of Path to Remission Programme.



For the first 12 weeks of the programme, patients will be following a low-calorie diet using total diet replacements such as shakes or soups which provide 800kCal a day and contain all the essential vitamins and minerals they need. During this phase, which will be a significant change for most, patients will receive frequent support from a health coach who will be there to answer any questions the patient has and provide guidance during this phase.

In the following four weeks, patients will have personalised support to reintroduce food into their diet through regular coaching sessions. This is a great opportunity for patients  to start building new sustainable habits and develop food and nutrition knowledge.



For the remaining eight months patients will work on sustaining these healthy habits to maintain their weight loss and better manage their diabetes. During this time, patients will continue to have coaching sessions, and if they start to regain weight, they will also have the chance to do a refocus phase (4 weeks).


A referral to the programme can be made by completing a referral  form on DXS or Ardens.


For further information, including patient eligibility criteria or referral information,  please click the link below to access further information about the programme and provider for Herts and West Essex ICB (Oviva).    


NHS Type 2 Diabetes Pathway to Remission Programme for primary care | Oviva UK 


Structured Diabetes Education programme for people living with type 2 diabetes in East and North Hertfordshire (ENH)

From 1 February 2019, Spirit Healthcare will be responsible for the provision of structured diabetes education for people living with type 2 diabetes in ENH

NB: Please do not try to refer to X-PERT or DESMOND as they are previous providers which are no longer commissioned locally.

Structured education offer:

  • EMPOWER course (Interactive single 4 hour face to face group session)
  • MapmydIabetes (online NICE endorsed structured education)

Eligible patients should be encouraged to attend the EMPOWER session and provided with a brief overview of what they might expect and the benefits of attending. In addition to face-to-face education, Spirit Healthcare will also be giving patients the option to access online NICE endorsed structured education via the Mapmydiabetes programme.

To access Mapmydiabetes, patients will need to be referred to EMPOWER, however if they are unable to or unwilling to attend the face to face session, you can indicate on the referral form a preference for online education only. The patient will then be set up with a Mapmydiabetes account, from which they will receive a welcome email.

Eligibility criteria:

The EMPOWER Programme will provide diabetes education for patients who are both:

  • aged 18 years and over (unless clinically indicated of a referral through paediatrics service of a person over 16 years with type 2 diabetes); and
  • registered with a GP practice in East and North Hertfordshire CCG.

and who have:

  • been diagnosed with type diabetes within the last 12 months; or
  • established type diabetes with an HbA1c > 64mmol/mol (poorly controlled diabetes) where the clinician believes there would be benefit for the patients further developing of self-management skills.

How to refer:

All referrals should be made using the attached referral form (this can be via the ARDENS system). Referral forms should be emailed, securely or posted to Spirit Healthcare:


Post:                EMPOWER, Spirit Healthcare, Spirit House, Saffron Lane, Leicester LE2 6UP

If you have any questions, please call the EMPOWER team on 0800 852 7460

All of the courses scheduled across the CCG will be available on the local ENH EMPOWER website, where referrers can book a patient directly onto a course. Patients will be able to self-refer into the EMPOWER service using the same website

You can find out more about the ENH EMPOWER programme by visiting