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Breast Cancer - Suspected (Adults >16 years) Pathway
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Breast Cancer - Suspected (Adults >16 years)2WW Breast Cancer Suspected | Female - (ENHT)2WW Breast Cancer Suspected | Male - (ENHT)

Breast Cancer - Suspected (Adults >16 years)

Please see the pathway for comprehensive guidance on the management of patients with suspected breast cancer.

2WW referral should be made when:

  • Male patient >40 years with breast mass, with or without nipple distortion or associated skin changes;
  • Previous breast cancer plus symptom and signs suggestive of local recurrence/metastasis;
  • Skin/nipple changes or discharge;
  • Unresolved apparently benign symptoms e.g. abscesses/infection/nodularity not responding to treatment;
  • Age >25 and unexplained breast/axillary lump with or without pain;
  • Age <25 and lump persisting after period and strong family history of breast cancer.

2WW referrals should not be made in the following circumstances:

NB: If referring under 2WW please give patient 2WW Urgent Referral leaflet and What Happens Next? leaflet 

The referral forms are available on Ardens and DXS