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Brain and Central Nervous System Cancers Pathway
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Brain and Central Nervous System Cancers (ENHT)

Brain and Central Nervous System Cancers

Use NICE guidance for 2WW criteria.  Check with each Trust's referral forms for specific referral criteria as these may vary. 

NB: If patient doesn't meet referral criteria for brain/CNS cancer referral but GP is concerned about neurological symptoms please discuss with neurologist (ring neuro secretary)

NB: If referring under 2WW please give patient 2WW Urgent Referral leaflet .

ENHT does not accept 2WW Brain and CNS suspected cancer referrals. Please note that 2WW referrals can either be sent to UCLH via the pan London 2WW referral form or to Addenbrooke's Hospital via the Cambridge 2WW referral form.

Link to Pan London (PAH & RFH) 2WW Suspected cancer referral forms in S1 and EMIS format: